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I’d better start by introducing myself. I’m Kim, and I’m a freelance writer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s that part on the map that looks like it should be part of Wisconsin, if you’re not familiar.

That part up top near Wisconsin is the U.P.!

I live up here with my fiance, Sam, and, some of the time, his daughter, Shaylyn. You can find out more about all of us on the About page, of course.

We do a good bit of traveling, mostly around the Midwest for either work or visiting family. Several times, Sam and I have thought about blogging our travels, but they didn’t fit very well with our main blog, Pen vs. Sword, so they never got written about at all.

There and Back Again will be an outlet for talking about our regular travels, plus all the travel planning we do in between. This summer, there’ll be some massive plans going on, as we get ready for our two-week road trip honeymoon around the borders of the U.S. (Awesome, right?) Maybe I’ll post other travel-related stuff I come across, too. Or not. Either way, I hope it’ll be a fun blog and maybe even useful to others who travel in the areas we do.

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks, as we have some plans made for Shaylyn’s spring break from school, and a business trip planned after that. I hope you enjoy sharing our travels as much as I will writing about them!


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